How To Save $25.45 Per Box on 22-250 Remington Ammunition w/ 55 Grain Sierra BlitzKing Bullets


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Provide your own brass for loading and you will SAVE $25.45 per box right now!

Order now and ship your empty shells (brass casings) today.

You’ll enjoy superior quality custom loaded ammunition when you take advantage of this special program because your order is custom loaded and not mass produced.

Minimum order size is 20 rounds for rifle or 50 rounds for pistol.

Ship Empty Brass To:
Jackson’s Gold Country Ammo
6040 Grizzly Flat Rd
Unit 449
Somerset, CA 95684


Be Sure To Save Your Fired Brass and Tell Your Friends!


Rifle brass and pistol brass are expensive. Casings are one of the highest cost components of each round. Even once-fired brass is sky-high. When you provide your own empty shells, we pass the savings on to you. You will save $25.45 off the list price of our new 22-250 Remington ammunition loaded with 55 grain Sierra BlitzKing Bullets. More details available at

We load both new brass casings and reload once-fired brass shells.
Once fired brass you provided is cleaned and polished prior to loading.
You’ll receive confirmation of load data and powder we used to load your cartridges.

Brass you send MUST NOT be corroded, smashed or severely damaged. No steel casings will be reloaded. Any NATO brass will incur an additional fee for reaming the primer pockets.

If you are sending multiple calibers of brass then it MUST be sorted into calibers or an additional charge for sorting will be incurred.
20 round Gold Country ammo boxes are included. We can also send ammo loose, bulk packaged if you prefer.

USPS flat rate boxes are an excellent choice for shipping empty casings to us.

We’ll notify you when we receive your empty brass. It will be labeled and scheduled for production.
Typically, your order will be ready to ship within two weeks from receipt of your empty brass.

Load Information:
55 Grain Sierra BlitzKing  bullets
3558+ FPS based on load data
Ships in twenty-round Gold Country ammo boxes

*** Important Note ***
Minimum OAL (Overall Length) is 2.35″. SAMMI Maximum OAL is 2.35″.


Not available in Massachusetts, Alaska or Hawaii, Chicago or New York City. Must ship to valid FFL or licensed ammunition vendor in New York and California to be transferred by a licensed FFL holder or ammunition dealer. FOID, FPID required for New Jersey, Connecticut and Illinois residents.


Three options to pay at checkout…
Check, Money Order or Credit card.

Ship Brass To:
Jackson’s Gold Country Ammo
6040 Grizzly Flat Rd
Unit 449
Somerset, CA 95684


Orders placed by people in restricted areas will be cancelled.



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