We stock and sell sporting goods, sports gear, emergency preparedness supplies and are continually adding new products, vendors and product lines to our offerings.

Some of our sporting goods include reloading equipment and supplies, shooting and target supplies including but not limited to ammunition, bullets, scopes and gun parts and accessories.

Some products are shipped from multiple locations depending on the type of product you order. We work with several suppliers as well as our own in-house buyers and inventory. As a retailer, we are subject to changing economic conditions which may impact supply chains as well as shipping services. Sometimes, we are overloaded with orders and appreciate your patience while we focus on packaging and shipping all orders as quickly as possible.

Shipping Charges:
Shipping charges are calculated based on your location. As a large volume shipper, FedEx provides us with discounted rates. We pass that discount on to you so you are only paying the cost that FedEx charges us.

Contact Us:
Contact us by email: customer-service@kcjco.com

Management: cs@goldcountryammo.com and kevin@goldcountryammo.com

Mailing Address:
Phone: 530-626-6700

Our goal is to procure and ship your order as quickly as possible. Therefore, we don’t list a telephone number because we want to keep the entire process as streamlined as possible. This allows us to offer lower prices. Remember, merchants pass along their business costs to you, the customer by adding them into the price you pay for products. By eliminating telephone personnel, telephone bills and other expenses we can spend our time producing and shipping merchandise.