You’ll harvest trophy savings on ammunition when you provide your own brass… New or Old!

Minimum order size is 20 rounds for rifle, or 50 rounds for pistol.

If you shoot a caliber not listed on our website, don’t worry. We are more than happy to order the dies and bullets so we an load it for you. If it is an odd or not too common caliber we may require you to order at least 100 rounds to justify the cost of purchasing dies. Feel free to shoot us an email and ask.

The chart below illustrates your savings in US dollars by providing your own brass to be loaded and sent back to you.

Cartridge / CaliberSavings Per 20 RoundsSavings Per 50 Rounds
40 S&WNA11.65
45 ACPNA12.80
38 SpecialNA14.62
357 MagNA19.57
357 SigNA11.98
44 Rem MagnumNA23.2
45 Colt NA29.47
380 AutoNA12.31
44 S&W SpecialNA29.8
308 Winchester8.22NA
223 Remington6.10NA
30-06 Springfield10.6NA
30-30 Winchester8.22NA
243 Winchester10.99NA
270 Winchester10.20NA
7mm Rem Mag14.56NA
300 Blackout8.75NA
Prices are illustrative and subject to change without notice. Please see page of specific caliber for current price. (Perform a search for the caliber you are looking for).

If you have brass casings for calibers not listed here, shoot us an email to ask about loading it for you.

Brass must be sorted and separated by caliber. You should inspect once-fired and used brass to be sure there are no cracks, corrosion or signs of deterioration or damage like deep gouges, flattened or smashed casings. We will also preform an inspection before returning your loaded ammunition to double check casing soundness but it is your responsibility to provide sound brass for loading / reloading. Providing non-sorted brass will incur additional charges to be separated and inspected.

We will clean and polish your old brass before we load it.
You will receive a copy of the load data we use for future reference.

Contact us for an order form or to ask questions.