45 Colt +P Hunting / Defense / Bear ~ High Power High Pressure Loads For Ruger, Freedom Arms & TC – 300 Grain Gold Country Rhino Power Strike Jacketed Flat Nose Bullets ~ 50 Rounds


High Power, High Pressure ammunition loaded with Gold Country custom 300 grain Rhino jacketed flat nose bullets.

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High power, high pressure 45 Colt +P Hunting / Bear / Defense Ammunition.

These Heavy .45 Colt high pressure loads are NOT intended for the New Model Vaquero (small frame) or other medium and small frame handguns.

Manufactured by Jackson’s Gold Country Ammo

50 Rounds 45 Colt (Long Colt) Ammunition
New Starline brass
300 grain Gold Country Rhino Power Strike jacketed flat nose bullets
30,000 cup based on load data
1191+ FPS based on load data
Precision, custom swaged bullets for superior performance and accuracy
Ships in fifty-round Gold Country ammo boxes
These heavy 45 Colt cartridges ARE HIGH PRESSURE loads (over 30,000 cup).

These high power, high pressure cartridges are to be used in Ruger large frame pistols (easily identified by a leading two digit serial number like xx-xxxxx), Freedom Arms and Thomson Contender Center Contender/Encore Handguns. DO NOT USE THESE CARTRIDGES IN ANY OTHER MAKE OR MODEL OF FIREARM.

OAL is between 1.650 and 1.67. This ammunition will fit New Model Ruger Blackhawk, Freedom Arms and Thomson Center Contender/Encore Handguns.
NOT FOR USE in Replica’s, Military Colt 45 or older firearms. This heavy Colt 45 ammunition is Not for use in standard 45 Colt handguns.
NOT for use in small frame or medium frame handguns.
I CERTIFY THAT by buying this ammunition I certify that I have read the warnings. I certify that I understand this ammunition is intended to be used in the specific firearms listed (Ruger large frame pistols (easily identified by a leading two digit serial number like xx-xxxxx), Freedom Arms and Thomson Center Contender/Encore Handguns). I also certify that I am purchasing this ammunition for use in one of these listed firearms.

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  • Cannot ship by USPS
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