.277 Diameter, 270 Caliber Bullets 150 Grain Gold Country Ultra-Low Drag Long Range Soft Point Rebated Boat Tail Bullets ~ 50 Count ~ Made in USA


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270  Caliber, .277 Diameter 150 Grain Bullets
Spitzer Soft Lead Tip
Hunting Bullets

Ultra-Low Drag Long Range Rebated Boat Tail Bullets For Reloading

Gold Country Ultra-Low Drag Long Range Hunting Bullets – Soft point, lead core, copper jacket bullets

Precision Made Copper Jacketed Rebated Boat Tail Spitzer Lead Soft Tip Bullets
.277 caliber, 270 bullets
150 grain Gold Country LRULDSPRBT bullets
Hand swaged for superior accuracy
50 bullets per package
Manufactured by Jackson’s Gold Country Ammo


Rebated Boat Tail Bullets – Simply Better And Here’s Why…

1) Muzzle blast dispersion (which causes inaccuracy) is reduced by at least 15% because
muzzle gas is deflected in a ring with the bullet shooting through the
clear space in the center instead of a ball of fire directly in front
of a standard boat tail bullet (caused by the laminar flow of muzzle gas
around the smooth conventional boat tail, focusing like a water hose nozzle in
front of the barrel).

(2) Barrel life is increased and bullet gas cutting is reduced by the sealing
action of the rebate. Gas pressure acting normal (90-degrees) to the surface
tends to peel a boat tail angle back from the bore. The 90-degree rebate shoulder
makes the gas press straight forward rather than giving it leverage to

vector the force down and pull the gas seal away.

The Rebated Boat Tail Advantage Over Flat bottom Bullets…

(1) The air flow over the rebated boat tail base is less turbulent than that of
the flat base design, so drag is reduced by up to 40% in sub-sonic bullets and
up to 15% in super-sonic bullets. A bullet passing through the speed of sound
will experience an increase in ballistic coefficient below the speed of sound,
to a greater degree than a flat base bullet passing through the same velocity/
time curve. RBT pistol bullets tend to strike higher on target provided recoil
and other effects do not affect the bullet’s exit


Gold Country Load Data – 270 Winchester Rifle

Gold Country Ultra Low Drag Weight Grains Powder Start Grains Max Grains COAL Min/Max COAL FPS
Gold Country Ultra Low Drag RBT Soft Point* 150 Alliant RL-17 47.9 52.0 3.21 3.21-3.340 2626-2855
Gold Country Ultra Low Drag RBT Soft Point* 150 Accurate 4350 47.3 50.8 3.21 3.21-3.340 2491-2659
Gold Country Ultra Low Drag RBT Soft Point* 150 Alliant Power Pro 4000-MR 50.3 54.5 3.21 3.21-3.340 2633-2874
Gold Country Ultra Low Drag RBT OpenTip** 150 Alliant RL-17 45.0 50.3 3.34 3.34 2647-2908
Gold Country Ultra Low Drag RBT OpenTip** 150 IMR 4350 46.0 51.2 3.34 3.34 2637-2905
Gold Country Ultra Low Drag RBT OpenTip** 150 Ramshot Hunter 48.0 53.7 3.34 3.34 2619-2901

*Can use Lee Precision Load Data for jacketed bullets and load data for Hornady or Sierra 150 grain Soft Point bullets.

**Can use same load data as Berger 150 grain VLD hunting bullets.


Gold Country Load Data – .270 Winchester Short Magnum

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Gold Country Load Data – 270 Weatherby Magnum

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